A new organisation promoting life cycle thinking has been born


A new member-based grass-root organisation for promotion of life cycle thinking has been born.

Back to back the LCM2015 conference in Bordeaux on 3rd September “the Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation” had its inaugural meeting in form of a workshop, where Allan Astrup Jensen, Nipsect, gave the welcome address (slides below).

LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT welcome address rev

The attendees were later divided in three working groups and discussed either:

  1. Principles for Life Cycle professionals
  2. Enhancing Communication to mainstream Life Cycle Management
  3. The role of LC approaches in mangement accounting


The organisation has 7 Board members with Martina Prox from Ifu in Hamburg, Germany, as chair.

The Executive Committee consists of the Jim Fava (chair), from Thinkstep US, Guido Sonnemann, University of Bordeaux, France (Vice-chair) and Philip Strothmann from Berlin, Germany, who is practical coordinator (see picture).

FSLCI opening

FSLCI will be an umbrella organisation for national and regional life cycle related societies and the global voice of the life cycle community.

FSLCI will also organise summer schools for young scientists and practitioners. The first was held just before LCM2015.

FSLCI will also collaborate with the LCM Conferences Planning Committee and make a guide for conference organisers.

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