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6th International Conference on Ecotoxicology & Environmental Science

The 6th International Conference on Ecotoxicology & Environmental Science (ICEES-2018) will be held at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT), Dwarka, New Delhi, India, from February 19-21, 2018. The conference will have the following focal themes upon which comprehensive presentation, sharing of knowledge and discussions will be made. Genetic and Epigenetic Modifications linked to Environmental…
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ICCE 2017

The 16th International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment ICCE 2017 will be held at Oslo University, Norway, from 18 June to 22 June 2017. The conference provide a unique information and communication platform for environmental scientists and a forum of professional exchange with collaborators and colleagues in (environmental) toxicology, analytical chemistry, microbiology, geosciences and…
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Uppsala Consensus Statement on Environmental Contaminants and the Global Obesity Epidemic

  Obesity is a growing problem, not only in developed countries but also in the developing world. Because obesity is associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, reproductive disorders, and some common cancers, the global obesity epidemic is contributing to a major negative impact on human health. In recent years, the hypothesis that environmental contaminants could contribute to…
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