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Methyl isothiazolinone banned in the EU

The Danish EPA has just announced that the potent allergen: methyl isothiazolinone (MI) after Danish pressure will be banned in the whole European Union for use in cosmetics, such as make-up, body lotion, creme and deodorant. However, MI will still be permitted in rinse-off-products such as handsoap, shampoo and barber foam. Simultaneously, Norway has pressed for and succeeded in getting MI banned in…
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New Danish report about chemicals in toys

The Danish EPA has just published a report in Danish language with a summary in English about CMR-substances in toys for children. CMR-substances are priority chemicals and either carcinogens, mutagens or toxic for reproduction. Phthalates were not included in this study but covered by another study report. In the study 30 toy products was collected from…
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