ECHA adds new chemicals to the Candidate List

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A few days ago 4 new substances were added til the REACH Candidate List which now contains 155 substances. It was e.g. cadmium chloride. Cadmium compounds are well-known for various toxic effects, including cancer and kidney damage, and mass-intoxications have occurred, and other cadmium compounds such as cadmium oxide and cadmium sulfide are already in the Candidate List.

The two sodium perborates also join other boron compounds already in the List as “toxic for the reproduction”. The “one” phthalate is in fact more complicated. Below the given CAS no. 68515-50-4 is hidden a group of 8 chemicals: linear and branched dihexyl phthalates. May be it has been done to cover diisohexyl phthalate (CAS no. 71850-09-4) for which Sweden wrongly has submitted classification and labelling suggestions under the group CAS 68515-50-4. Besides, linear (normal) dihexyl phthalate is already in the List under CAS no. 84.75-3 as toxic for reproduction and that entry could now be deleted.

My opinion is that the REACH Candidate list is a mess with single chemicals and chemical groups mixed and with double entries. In addition, there are many mistakes and lack of system and consequence in the applied chemical nomenclature. Further, it can be discussed, if every chemical on the list is so hazardous that listing is needed, especially in light of that many very hazardous chemicals are missing in the list. The list seems to be more political than scientific.

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