ECHA propose a change of glyphosate’s classification and labelling


The European Chemical Agency, ECHA, has launched a 45-days long public consultation on an ammended harmonised classification and labelling proposals for the herbicide Glyphosate.  The deadline for comments is 18 July 2016.

Glyphosate (ISO); N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine (CAS 213-997-49, EC 1071-83-6) is currently classified in Annex VI to the EU CLP Regulation as:

  • Eye Dam. 1, H318 (Causes serious eye damage), and
  • Aquatic Chronic 2, H411 (Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects).

The new proposed hazard addition to the harmonised classification is:

  • STOT (Specific Target Organ Toxicity) RE (Repeated Exposure) 2, H373 (Causes damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure).

This addition indicates that ECHA considers glyphosate as having potential long-term/chronic toxicity. ECHA has not yet taken into account the cancer hazard of glyphosate which is discussed in previous newsposts.

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