Ecotoxicology and Environmental Sciences conference in India


The 5th International Conference on Ecotoxicology and Environmental Sciences (ICEES-2016) will be held 15-17 February 2016 in the beautiful city of Kochi/Cochin, Kerala, India.

The conference will have the following focal themes upon which comprehensive presentation, sharing of knowledge and discussions will be made.

  1. Genetic and Epigenetic Modifications linked to Environmental Contaminants and their Consequences.
  2. Environmental Contaminants, Lifestyle Patterns and Human Health Issues.
  3. Safety evaluation of contaminants in food.
  4. Biological Signal of Toxicity
  5. Toxicology of Metals & Metalloids and Impact on human health analyses.
  6. Biomarkers & bio-indicators integrated with residue.
  7. Genetic susceptibility to environmental toxicants – Impact on human health.
  8. Molecular approaches to environmental sciences
  9. Nanotechnology and the Environment
  10. Inhalation toxicology of fibrous dusts.
  11. Air & Water pollution: Source & Monitoring.
  12. Instrumentation and accuracy tests for measurement including GLP.
  13. Impact of Mining on Environment.
  14. Impact of Pollution on Marine Environment.
  15. Management of Solid Waste.
  16. Management of Radioactive Waste.
  17. Management of E-Waste.
  18. Microbial interaction operating in nature.
  19. Remote Sensing including GIS applications.
  20. Production of Bio-mass
  21. Environmental Management & Control.
  22. Environmental Awareness & Education

The Deadline for abstracts is soon at 30 November 2015. The conference flyer can be downloaded here:

Brochure Digital Final IEES 2016

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  1. Sir I am doing research in toxicology in the university of Calicut.I have got the news about the conference now only.Can you please give me a chance to submit the paper since the last date gone Thank you Asifa
    • allan
      Sorry, you have to contact the conference organiser! allan

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