The 7th International Conference on Ecotoxicology & Environmental Sciences will be held November 9-11, 2020 at the University of Athens, Greece.

The first 6 conferences in this serie were organised different places in India by Prof. Badal Bhattacharya from the Institute of Ecotoxicology & Environmental Scieneces, Kolkata, India.

This conference is organised in collaboration between IEES and the University of Athens represented by Prof. Manos Dassenakis and Prof. Panos Siskos.

The conference will have the following focal themes upon which comprehensive presentation, sharing of knowledge and discussions will be made:

  1. Environmental Contaminants, Life Patterns and Human Health Issues.
  2. Safety Evaluation of Contaminants in Food.
  3. Biological Signal of Toxicity
  4. Toxicology of Metals & Metalloids and Impact on Human Health.
  5. Biomarkers & Bio-indicators for the Study of Pollution Effects Integrated with Residue.
  6. Genetic Susceptibility to Environmental Toxicants – Impact on Human Health.
  7. Molecular Approaches to Environmental Sciences
  8. Nanotechnology and the Environment
  9. Green Chemistry and Sustainable Development
  10. Inhalation Toxicology of Fibrous Dusts.
  11. Air & Water pollution: Sources & Monitoring.
  12. 12. Marine Pollution
  13. 13. Instrumentation, Accuracy Tests and GLP for Environmental Monitoring
  14. Impact of Mining on Environment.
  15. Management of Solid Wastes.
  16. Management of Radioactive Wastes.
  17. E-Wastes.
  18. Microbial Interaction with Toxic Elements in the Environment.
  19. Remote Sensing including GIS Applications for Environmental Research.
  20. Production of Biomass 
  21. Environmental Management & Monitoring
  22. Environmental Awareness & Education.

Deadline for submission of abstract is May 31, 2020, which also is the deadline for early registration.


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