Methyl isothiazolinone banned in the EU

The Danish EPA has just announced that the potent allergen: methyl isothiazolinone (MI) after Danish pressure will be banned in the whole European Union for use in cosmetics, such as make-up, body lotion, creme and deodorant. However, MI will still be permitted in rinse-off-products such as handsoap, shampoo and barber foam.

Simultaneously, Norway has pressed for and succeeded in getting MI banned in the EU in toys for children below 3 years.

Methyl isothiazolinone is a widely used preservative in water-based products to prevent growth of bacteria and fungi. In liquid detergents and paints the concentration may be up to 250 ppm and in towelette and cosmetics up to 100 ppm. At these concentration levels it is normally not required to declare the content of MI.

In addition, the Danish EPA Miljøstyrelsen has published a report with a survey and exposure assessment of MI in consumer products.


 N-Methyl isothiazolinone


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